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Dynamic. Swift. Versatile. Drones are quickly being adopted around the globe for a variety of applications from agriculture to defense. Yet, the final hurdle for this disruptive technology is the lack of a strong infrastructure upon which to flourish like any other vehicle. Vinveli has taken up the mission to provide this infrastructure of fuel, communication, and service in an effort to encourage the growth of commercial and industrial applications and maintain fleets of drones operational 24/7.

Docking Stations

Vinveli’s core development is focused on providing ground infrastructure to support the operation of drones. The key function of the docking station is to provide rapid energy boost to a drone, so that it is back up in the air again in less than 2 minutes. The docking stations also act as a communication network for the drones to tap into, with a future possibility of becoming wifi hotspots.

Drone Cloud Infrastructure

The drone cloud is a network of Vinveli docking stations and drones. Through intelligence in software, the network understands where and when the presence of drones are needed most. Optimization is the foundation of this network, which creates the most efficient flight paths possible so you don’t have to.


Our Technology

Drone Cloud™ – US Patent Pending #62/053,539 

Drone Cloud™ is the intelligence behind our fleet management. Providing collision avoidance, route optimization, and guidance to make sure that every mission is a success.


Autonomous mid-air active and passive collision avoidance system that ensures no harm to surroundings and the vehicle.


Wireless induction charging dock with turbo charge capability to recharge 10,000 mAh in under 25 minutes.


Battery swapping dock to enable near zero down time. Provides the target drone with a fully charged power pack in less than 120 seconds.


Proprietary structures in a variety of configuration including H, X, Hex, and Oct forms. Complete carbon fiber design with aluminium joints for harsh operating conditions.

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